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Friday, September 18, 2015

National Child passenger Safety Week

This week is National Child passenger Safety Week. Crashes are the leading cause of preventable deaths and injuries in children. One main reason is because of improperly installed car seats. Its back to school  time and more and more children will be riding as passengers in cars. The increased traffic means that the risk of children riding in a car goes up so we want to ensure that our family does not become part of the grim statistics.
It is best that children ride in rear facing car seats as long as possible at least until their second birthday.

It is not recommended to use any extra padding to go in the car seat as the car seat as it is in the box was crash tested.

Straps on the seat should be snug with the child and should not move less than one inch once secured.

It is recommended to purchase a new car seat or to know the crash history if you choose to purchase a used car seat. Once a car seat has been in a crash experts say it needs to be replaced

You should know what car seat and at what stage your child is in

More important information
  • According to a NHTSA study, 3 out of 4 kids are not as secure in the car as they should be because their car seats are not being used correctly.
  • Car crashes are the leading cause of death of children ages 3 to 14?
  • You can register your child seat and receive notification of defects and recalls.

  • Not sure which car seat to use or to make sure yours is properly installed get your car seat inspected. Simply search by using your zipcode


    1. My kids are way past this stage, but this is totally going to to help a lot of new parents.

    2. This is so important child safety is something that we all need to know. Thanks for sharing =)

      1. thanks so much for the comment and I agree child safety is important and something we all need to know, pay more attention to and follow through

    3. Child safety is so important. This is really helpful!

    4. I had no idea you could register a seat. Thanks for providing the info

      1. I learned this several years ago when grand kids were first born
        great idea in my opinion
        thanks for visiting and leaving comment

    5. I read that depending on the speed of the car wreck the car seats may not have to be replaced. I believe that was on the IHS website.

      1. wow I never heard that I was told when the kids were babies by a person who had a thrift store that they did not sale car seats for that very reason. Thank you for sharing useful information


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