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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

National Working Parents day

Today is the day that salutes working parents. In yesterdays world it was a world where dads would go to work and moms would stay home. Lets admit it that era has been gone for many generations. Now if you are lucky you both have jobs and many others are in search of jobs. No matter what you do to me if you are a stay at home parent or one that goes out and works we are all working parents.

With back to school season here and having started not to long ago I wanted to share with you a few ideas to get the year started on the good foot

Allowing our children to participate has always been important in our family. It really is but participating or being part of to many activities is not good either. So we try to find the best one that they want to do and stick with it. Because some activities only last for a short period of time and others the entire year we allow our children to be part of one or two activities for the year and then participate in one seasonal activity as well.

I have shared this idea before but always being prepared helps us all out. Create a family calendar so that we are all aware of each others schedule is an idea that in my opinion is needed. A storage area where you have extra supplies if needed is also a great idea no more running out for last minute needed items.

Sleep is something we often feel like we do not get enough of. We create a bedtime and try our best to keep it. We all have to get our correct hours of shut eye and that means that we have to get the little ones in bed and situated before we can even think about laying our heads down. Bedtime ritual of showers, laying our clothes out for tomorrow, brushing teeth, listening to a book or quiet time are all part of our bedtime ritual.

What helps you keep your sanity between the work front and home life?

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  1. I'm a Stay At Home parent and you're right it is a working parent position! lol I keep our family calendar and it is always inundated with everyone's schedule from doctor's appts to extracurricular activities and family outings. I have to keep it organized or we would be sunk!

  2. Happy Working Parents Day! We deserve a wonderful relaxation pretty soon, huh? :)

  3. What a great idea! Happy late Working Parents Day!

  4. I like your ideas! Working parents definitely need some R&R whenever they can get it!


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