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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lee de Forest the Father of the Radio

Lee de Forest was born August 26, 1873. Sir named the "Father of the Radio" he developed a sound on film recording used for motion pictures. He helped provide the foundation for the development of vacuum tube technology.

Lee de Forest's life was devoted to the invention of media technology based on sound. His inventions provided the missing voice to radio and film. Educated at Yale in physics and electricity he would spend the years between 1900 and 1910 improving the wireless telegraph. 1906 he would file for a patent on the Audion, the first vacuum tube. Shortly there after he would invent an arc based radiotelephone transmitter and audion receiver and start dreaming of the possibility of sending music into homes by wireless. The years 1910 to 1920 he would work on improving his audion as a detector, an amplifier and transmitter of radio. Lee de Forest would become one of the earliest broadcaster of entertainment based audio, primarily opera music

Lee de Forest would go on to invent the talking motion picture

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