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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Drug Testing a Hot Debate and the Inventor

Drug testing is a hot subject. Who should be tested for drugs is at the face of debate. Where I work employees are drug tested when hired, randomly and at any incident they may be involved in. Many feel that drug testing should be done for those who get assistance from the government. That is one debate with many having opinions and sharing them often. Good thing that is not what I am here to share with you. Rather I want to tell you about the man who invented drug testing. Manfred Donike

Manfred Donike born August 23rd 1933. He was a german cyclist and chemist. He is well known for his study on doping of athletes. Donike studied chemistry in cologne and graduated in 1965. A little over 10 years in 1977 Donike was appointed director of the institute of biochemistry at the german Sport University in Cologne. Donike developed a procedure capable of accurate detection of banned substances and their metabolites through urine analysis. Donike would have a son Manfred who would compete in the 1984 summer Olympics.

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