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Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

On Weather Front:
cooler than it normally is this late in August and the first week of school. Not for sure what that means, long fall or early winter??

On My Bedside Table:
currently nothing, cleared it all off for now, but vacation is over so next week I am sure will not be able to say the same thing

On my T.V.
currently watching WWE wrestling, hubby loves to watch it together

News Stories That Caught my attention
 Nationally I would say the stock market, where I work at the residents keep coming out and sharing all about it, they are really worried
Locally there have been a lot of deaths in car wrecks, plane wrecks and drownings we pray for each of the families touched by loss

On the Menu This week
tonight: chicken barbq sandwiches and chips
tomorrow: beef ribs, potatoes
Wednesday: corndogs, fries
Thursday: ribs,
Friday: eat out
weekend: not decided yet

new recipe I tried or want to try: several here on our blog

to do list:
work tomorrow and next day then the weekend
chalk board paint kids table
prepare for flea market
start cleaning out storage
daily household chores
caring for grand-babies

in craft basket:
several wood working projects

looking forward to
flea market in mid September
first football game at home

planning on doing for myself this week:
is there such a thing (LOL)

Favorite Photo:

Lesson Learned the past week:
the fact that time goes by to fast hold onto every minute never know when it may be our last moment with someone


  1. Ahhhh, I heard long, cold, awful winter. Then again, they say that every year ;)
    Yes, time passes by so very quickly. Enjoy every second!

  2. I am so ready for FALL! We will be moving late September so I'm hoping the rains hold off a bit though! I especially love your Lesson learned!


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