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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Help Take Care of Our Children

Take a stand against child abuse not only in April when it is child abuse awareness month takes place but all year long. There are things that we can all do. One of the easiest ways is to donate money to he cause of preventing child abuse. Here are a few other ideas that you can do
Stress is the number one reason that abuse occurs. Being a friend to a parent you know is an easy way to ensure that there is an outlet for stress. Share about your children and ask how their child or children are as well. It is often just letting them know they are no alone that helps. Show you understand their daily struggles of being a parent.

Likewise, you can let children in your life know that you care. Call them by name, smile when you talk to them, ask how they are show interest.

Create a group of neighborhood parents that help look out for each others children. In the old day this is how things were down naturally. Get together with other parents in activities and let everyone know you are there if needed.

Sharing what you no longer need is another way to help out. The clothes, furniture toys that your family no longer wants or needs are needed by others. Once again sharing what your family no longer needs to give to a family in need helps to cut the stress on a financial burden to provide for the family

Have no money or items to give then offer your time. Volunteer at programs in your community. .Parent support groups, child care centers, and local healthy family sites. Advocacy is another area where there is a lot of need. Getting the message out is very important as well and benefits parents, children and families

want more information on what you can do visit Prevent Child

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