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Saturday, July 9, 2011

FlavorBean Review

Yes, I know it is summer but it makes no difference , coffee is something that is desired in my house during the hot weather as much as it is in the cooler weather My husband would gladly stand up and say that is the coffee drinker in this house. My mother would debate him on this fact and as far as I go well I enjoy coffee in the morning and early evening. So while I am not as much as a coffee drinker as my mom and hubby I must say that I do demand a good tasting cup of coffee. If the taste is not there then drinking coffee is simply not worth it to me. I was delighted when we were given the opportunity to review a few different flavors of delicious Flavorbean coffee. I was even happier when I tasted the first cup, then the second to see how great the taste was. For sake of this review I would say that the coffee was delicious.

Flavorbean offers the flavors of tasted hazelnut, creamy french vanilla, and more. I must admit that the flavors that I tasted held their own in the flavor department. Smooth and yummy are two words that I would use to describe it. Another great value is that Flavorbean flavor are created without the chemical solvents that other flavored coffees are. The Flavorbean company sells a variety of coffees including certified fair trade, organic and decaf. Coffees from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia each offering their own taste and flavor as Flavorbean loves to offer a great variety of coffees regularly adding to their collection of specialties coffees as well.

Flavorbean company was founded by leaders in the flavor industry. These leaders were able to develop a chemical solvent free method that differs from today's culture of being overdependent on unhealthy chemicals and petroleum based products. The coffee beans are infused with the actual flavor ingredients naturally resulting in a full flavored coffee with a smooth and flavorful taste.

Buy: Flavorbean Coffees are available from their website at Flavorbean coffees arrive in freshness sealed 12 oz. bags and are available world wide. The products are also available in 5 lb. bags or by the case if larger amounts are desired. For those who have coffee lovers as family and friends then Flavorbean offers great gift ideas for those as well. Gift certificates, gift sets, variety cases, specialty  and coffee of the month clubs
we would like to thank flavorbean for sending the coffee samples and beautiful cup to test for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions shared in this post are those of mine alone.

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