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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grilling Weather

During the hot summer weather many of us enjoy grilling season. During grilling season the place that we cook often leaves the kitchen inside the house and becomes a make shift kitchen outside of the house. Because of this there are many things that we must keep in mind. Some of these safety tips include:

1. keeping coolers under the shade and not in the direct sun
2. you should have a couple of different coolers. A separate cooler is needed to keep the raw unprepared meat in because of the juices that may drain and contaminate other foods. The raw meat should stay on ice until you are ready to cook it. The second cooler could keep your salads and other items that need to stay cool like salads etc...
3. I know we have heard it many different times but one thing that gives a risk of getting sick due to food poisoning is cross contamination. Remember to use different utensils for cooked and uncooked meat. For example do not use the same fork and knife that was used to prepare the meat to serve the meat.
4. A great idea to serve foods that need to be chilled is to serve them with a bowl sitting in a pan of ice this will help them to stay chilled. As soon as the meal is done place the food back into the coolers with ice or get rid of the food allowing them to sit in the sun will possibly make those you love sick
5. do not use the ice used in the coolers to keep food chilled for your drinks

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