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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bright Starts Review

Our Prince Charming was born just a few months ago but as time passes quickly he has started to change all ready. His world has changed quickly and bright starts has helped to make his world a bit more exciting. With toys such as the BrightStart barbell rattle. We recieved a different colored rattle than the one showed here but I wanted to share this one because a portion of each sold goes to the breast cancer fund. The clear rattle with colorful beads enhances auditory and visual development. Our little prince enjoys the sound of the beads as we rattle it and is quickly learning to move the beads insid the rattle himself. Not only the sound but because the rattle allows the eye to see the beads move quickly inside. Little hands need time to learn to grasp objects and the textured handle helps them to learn to do this.  Our little prince loves the light that is reflected from the mirror and colorful beads inside the rattle.

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