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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday 9

these are difficult questions to answer in my opinion read my answers and then if you participate as well i would love to read your answers as well so please leave a comment and link to yours

1. What celebrity do you think is the MOST foolish?

wow there are many right now that will probably be sorry for their action later on look at spears sisters or snooki for example of this

2. What are 5 things you don't care about?

wow in a world where there is a lot to care about this is a hard question for me this morning. (1) I don't care how tall or short people are we all made with God's idea in mind (2) what color people hair have I see so many girls coming to work with different colors of hair while very pretty we never really know what color of hair individuals have (3) I don't care how much money people have as those with or without lots of money have thier own personality and some are very nice and others well we won't talk about that (4) I really dont care how my chicken is prepared I truly love it many different ways and if you are cooking it all the better (5) I really don't care how people exercise I truly think that they should to stay fit as much as possible but I am not as capable as others but I still do try to walk and move as much as possible

3. What 'issue' do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view?

There are a few that I feel strongly about but one of the most that I try to share my opinion on is that Jesus Christ is our savior he died on the cross for our sins so that we may spend eternity with him John 3:16

4. What personality do you like to listen to on the radio?


5. What culture are you fascinated by?

the Native American culture is one that fascinates me

6. You are alone with your lover's diary. What do you do?

wow hard one I have in the past took a peek but I think now after 24 years of marriage I would simply trust him

7. What frustrates you?

lots of things like my teens heading down a path that I know is not good for them but can not persuade them to see the error of their ways

8. Do you remember the first time you were on the internet? What did you do first?

wow many years ago I think chat and email and probably games were my favorite items back then

9. What was the biggest fight you have ever had with someone?
with my dad we were both hard headed individuals who did not want to give in by the end we did fix our problems and I am so thankful that it all worked out

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  1. I also don't care how much money people have or don't have.

    Thanks for dropping my blog.


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