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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taming The Tantrum

Oh buy we have all seen them those drasted tantrums. The ones that embarrass mom and dad but has not real social effect on the child. Our little Princess, the precious one in Nana and papa eyes, has been throwing tantrums. Her mama says they are quite embarrassing since she has always tried to give her what she wanted that has become very demanding. The problem may be that Princess does not have the language skills as of yet to clearly tell her mommy exactly what she wants and because she can not tell her mommy what she wants she may just lose it. But when she loses it her mommy also feels that way because she does not know what Princess or wants. Parents shares some great tips for parents like my daughter and those in her same situation:
  • The first they share is to ignore the child. This is exactly what I told my daughter to do. When princess throws a tantrum and gets on the ground or stands there and shouts simply walk away. You do not have to go far when she notices that her tantrum is not working and she is not getting the attention she will stop and follow. This same trick worked on Princess' mother and the rest of my own children
  • Let the child have a good cry. Sometimes they just need to get it out of their system. Allow them a bit of room so that they can get their frustration out.
  • Create a diversion. We have all did this from time to time. When our child wants something that they can not have we have all tried to substitute their interest with something else.
  • Investigate the problem. Is the tantrum being thrown for a need or something that you can help them with? If so then try to figure out what it is. This is a whole Lot easier than hearing your child throw a tantrum.
  • Try a hug. A firm hug may assure them that you do care for them, love them and want to help them. It may also give both of you just a bit to calm down to figure out what the problem actually is
  • Keep your voice calm. It does not good to freak out when your child does. This just leads to more of a mess. Try to remain calm and talk to your child in a voice that they will want to answer to
  • Laugh it off because allowing your child to see the tantrum has an effect on you may be the worst. If you show stress or other emotions when your child throws a tantrum it may just give them the steam to keep it up. It is better to laugh than to cry so keep a chuckle in your voice and allow the child not to see it is bothering you.
  • Get them out of there which is my daughters answer to many of the tantrums Princess throws. Many times they are at the grocery store, park or other public place. She will simply pick Princess up and put her in the car before long Princess is all smiles again.

If you are struggling with your child throwing tantrums you can read the full article at Parents

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