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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bring Culture To Your Table (family and homeschool)

One fun way to get kids into the kitchen and have a bit of family fun while learning at the same time is having a cultural night. I have shared with you the flags of 5 different countries that could easily be printed and used as place mats, some recipes inspired by the country, as well as craft ideas you could use to decorate and while you are at it you may want to read some books that are inspired by the country.

Flag of Italy,
Italian Recipes easy for kids to make
Italy Inspired Crafts
Interesting Books You May Want To Read

Flag of Japan,
Japanese Recipes easy for kids to make
Japan Inspired Crafts
A Website that allows one to see life of childeren in Japan

flag of China,
Chinese Recipes easy for kids to make
China Inspired Crafts
Chinese inspired books

Flag of Greece,
Greek Recipes easy for Kids to make
Activities about Ancient Greece
History of Greece for Kids

Flag of Mexico
Mexican inspired Recipes and here's more
Books About Mexico
Mexico Inspired Crafts and Activities

I hope that you have a wonderful time learning about culture and our neighbors in the world. I have personally tested the links so they should all work.

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  1. We always use chopsticks and cheap Asian dishes whenever we eat Japanese or Chinese - I love that you use the flag for placemats!!


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