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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday


A place where we can share our thoughts that are not large enough for an entire post by it self.

  • College for the kids seems to be agreeing with them. They are all going to class daily and not a complaint about school. However, it is the morning and getting up where I hear lots of complaints. I do realize that they have to get up early to catch the bus but they are young and should snap back pretty good.
  • We were delivered 2 big boxes of homemade goodies the other day. They were delicious rocky road treats, brownies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and some other snacks as well. The thing that got my attention was the delicious cookies they were made with oatmeal, raisins and nuts. They were good and so was everything else. We thank the nice lady who believed that the snacks would be better fit here. The teens devoured them.
  • Tomorrow night missions project will begin at church. It is always nice when this starts by May we will be a bit tired and ready for a break but for now we love to see the little children learn about our Lord.
  • A dear friend of ours passed away this week. He was an elder gentleman at church who should have still had a long life ahead of him. He became sick unexpected and went to the hospital to find out that he had cancer throughout his body there was nothing they could do. The doctors gave him 10 days to live. How sad. I pray for his wife to have strength and to know that she is not alone and loved very much. They were a duo where you saw one you saw the other. I know this will be very hard on her. Please keep her in your prayers.

That is all the random thoughts that I have running in my mind at this time. To read more head over to the blog the UnMom

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