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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where did they all go

outdoor wednesday hosted by A Southern Day Dreamer

During our recent Easter egg hunt we had lots of fun but did not find all of the eggs

Mommy found one look who's gonna get it? Are we sure it is even there? Someone grab it and put it in your bucket.

Shortly after that things got a little bit harder as the little ones continued to look for eggs but would end up needing a bit of help

Even my mom would get in on the act. I believe everyone would get in on the act

The lil diva started wondering just who had hid those Easter eggs for the hunt

The ones that hid the egg snuck off wondering just where they had put all the eggs and which ones were missing.

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  1. It is so fun to have Easter Egg hunts like that. Kids are just so wonderful to watch during it :)


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