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Saturday, April 17, 2010

bioME5 review

As we learned in science (for some of us that was many years ago) there are 5 natural biomes on the earth. These biomes include desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests and tundra. The bioME5 company makers of organic kid's apparel strives to draw attention to each of these biomes by personalizing their clothing line with the animals that depend on the different environments they live in.

The great minds behind the bioME5 are inspired by the visual learning processes in all children. I love this because as I have stated many times I love the hands on learning of children. The creators of the tees team the inspirational learning with a child's fascination and appreciation of natures beauty and diversity.

bioME5 tees come in long sleeve, short sleeve and baby bodysuits. Three different styles for different stages of growth and learning. I love it the little ones can grow up learning all about the wonderful animals on the face of the earth.

We received the super cute K for Kangaroo tee. The tee is 100% organic cotton which we discussed in this post and the great qualities organic cotton offers. The tee is made tagless and preshrunk. This is great as many times we have cut out the tags of clothes because they seem to irate our little ones. The cute part of the tee is that the word kangaroo appears to us to be upside down but in reality the child that is looking down at the tee will see the word clearly and readable.

This is a very cute tee of the tortoise. Many children like turtles but this shirt says tortoise which helps to open up their vocabulary knowledge even further. I also noticed that this long sleeve tee was at a great price on sale for 1/3 the price.

Don't forget the body suits for the tiny little ones. This particular body suit featuring the polar bear is for a limited time and bioME5 donates 20% of proceeds of all Polar Bear products are to The Detroit Zoological Society, leaders in the exhibition, management, and breeding of polar bears since 1928

Buy: you can purchase your choice of tee, long sleeve tee or body suit from the website of bioME5.

As stated in the post we recieved a tee from bioME5 to review for this post. The thoughts shared are my own and were not influenced in any way

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