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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boon Frog Pod


We have a love for frogs in our house. This love has went from my son to my granddaughter. My granddaughter has another love as well and that is for baths. So when I saw the Boon Frog I knew this was perfect for Princess.

When I received the Boon Frog Pod I was delighted. I had never thought about it being so massive insize. It truly can hold Princess shampoo and bath products as well as her bath toys. Very impressive. The fun of the Boon Frog Pod was also enormously well taken. The Boon Frog Pod has the best scoop in the world for picking up toys after a bath. This not only makes fun for Princess but also for her mom. Since the Boon Frog Pod is secured to the wall it stays safely out of the way and is no trouble when not in use either. Other items that have been used would be easily spilled, knocked over or other wise made a mess. The Frog Pod does its job well and as planned. We secured the Boon Frog Pod with screws but it can just as easily be secured to the wall by velcro tapes that are in place.

Buy: If you are in the market for a fun bath organizational tool for your child then the Boon Frog Pod is for you. You can find a store that sells Boon Frog Pod near you by using this link or purchase directly from the Boon online site