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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cloud B Review

Nothing is sounder than a sleeping baby is not always correct. In fact the opposite is often true. My daughter had a difficult time getting her baby to sleep in her own crib by herself. Eventually after allot of trial and error my granddaughter learned to sleep in her crib. With the help of a mobile on her bed that slightly lit up and played music quietly she would sleep in her crib for longer periods of time. Now that she is out growing the mobile a new toy was needed and
Cloud B came to the rescue.

Cloud B has one simple goal in mind and that is making everyone of any age to sleep better. Cloud B believes that if a child is going to develop properly with healthy development then a sound night's sleep will have to be demanded. Cloud B has gained the trust of parents and pediatricians alike to give a better nights, safer sleep for children. I agree that if a child does not sleep they can not function well. My children and those that I have helped teach in school often give their selves away with their attitudes and body disposition when they do not receive enough sleep at night. Cloud B not only has a passion to ensure enough sleep for children but has a great desire to create products that will offer the child a quality product using great design, style and quality material. Cloud B wants all children from every economical region to receive a great product so they often donate products and make financial contributions to charities nationwide.

So know that you know about the great company that I have found and fallen in love with let me tell you why I think Cloud B is so great.

We received Cloud B's Cuddle Cub or Mr. Cuddle Bear as we refer to him. Mr Cuddle Bear is one of Katelynn's best friends. He protects her at night when she is alone in bed and both mom, dad and Katelynn love him. Cloud B created their cuddle cub using eco-friendly soy fibers which will not harm my grandchild. The cuddle cub shivers softly created just enough movement to allow Katelynn to know that she is not alone. With Mr. Cuddle Bear Katelynn and her parents can relax and get ready for bed as the quiet cub creates a great peaceful atmosphere for her. Cloud B's Cuddle Cub comes with her own story book so that the child can read all about her as well as an adoption certificate so that the child can adopt the cuddle cub making them a member of the family.

Cloud B Cuddle Cub is just one of the members in the family of endangered species. I am sure that you can find one that your child will love and you will love how they comfort your child allowing them to feel great support.

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