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Sunday, February 1, 2009

a baby story for you

As part of the Baby Shower giveaway over at the blog 3kidsandus we are writing our birth stories. I have had 4 birth and all of them different. The first one being comical, the second being unready, the third one being hysterical in many ways (like my water breaking in the middle of grocery store while shopping) and the 4th also being funny but scarey (one doctor said the baby distress pains were gas pains I went to a second hospital an hour away). Today I will share a story about my first baby.

I started having false labor pains approximately one month prior to the big day arriving (which actually happened 2 days after due date) My poor husband had to go to the hospital many times with me sometimes unprepared straight home from after work not cleaning up etc.... So when I woke up on the big day the bed was wet. NO!!!!!!! I did not wet the bed but guess what that was his first question. well I finally got him up and I went to sit in the babies room and started to rock and fold clothes that had allready been folded but then I needed to have something to do.

Since we did not have a phone or a car he was going to have to go about a block away use the pay phone and call my parents so that I could get to the hospital to have my little bundle of joy. This day my husband decided that he was not going to go to the hospital fresh out of the bed he was going to shave and shower. He thought that since I had been to the hospital and sent home so many times that this too may be a false warning and after all I was to be induced the next day so to him I had plenty of time. Oh my was he wrong.

After shaving and showering he was finally ready to leave to make the call. Oh my early in the morning. I knew my parents were up because my dad was a rural mail carrier in a town about an hour away. So when my husband came back home I was ready to go. I had my bags and now headed down the stairs (3 flights of stairs) since we lived in the attic apartment. We would be ready for the ride when the time came. My father arrived to pick me up. We would ride to the hospital with him since he was headed to work. OH MY!!!!!!!!!

The ride to the hospital was on winding roads in southern illinois. If you know anything about southern illinois you know 22 years ago the roads were full of coal trucks and if you went off the road then you were plunging into a near endless pit. So my dad who was hurrying to get me ther was passing these trucks like it was a game of tag weaving in out of these trucks so fast it was not even funny. As we passed each truck I got sicker and sicker and the cramping was getting worse. Finally we are at the hospital.

Once at the hospital we found out that nearly everybaby due was wanting to be born that day as each and every labor room was full and I would be placed with 3 other ladies in the room were in labor as well. At this time we did not have the lovely rooms of today or even those that were around when my third child was born. No the way the system worked was you went into labor in one room wheeled to the delivery room and then to a recovery room. Things went rather quick though as I arrived at the hospital around 8:30 and the baby was born around 1:16. The labor was quick and intense I loved to walk but they stopped me as they found out I was heading down the hallway to a bathroom and they were afraid that the baby would decide to come while I was in there. LOL I guess that would not have been the best thing. Anyways labor was quick and my pretty in pink little girl was handed to me but when I turned around to ask where her daddy was they told me he had to run out to make phonecalls. He could not stay in there the heat got to hot in the kitchen and he had to stop out. Good thing the next 3 would all be emergency csections and he would never again have to step into a delivery room only wait for the baby to be born.

There you have it a birth story from me if you care to read more birth stories head over to 3 kids and us bl0g.

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  1. Wow, that was really quick for a first delivery. It's crazy how hospitals have changed.


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