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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Gratituesday is always a great time to write a post about what you were thankful for even when we did not realize it. That is what I will write about today. Each month, in fact my binder has several months budgets up and ready to go. This month was a bit different when I found out that my gas and light bill was a bit more than expected. Together they totaled $700. I knew I would have to be creative to pull of a budget that was going to stretch a month with a budget like that. The one person who I always call on I actually forgot about this time. I forgot to call on the Lord to bless my budget. Now I always pray over my budget when I create it but I forgot to pray the day that I went out and paid the bills. Somehow I was able to meet all the bills and even get some great grocery deals as well. I thanked my Lord for all that he does and asked for forgivness for worrying without talking to him. YOu see he will meet all our needs and I am so Thankful that he is our protector and provider. So that is what I am thankful for this week that all of our weekly groceries were bought and our monthly bills were paid.
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  1. Well said!
    Thanks for the reminder that HE will meet all our needs :)

    Have a great week!

  2. He is an awesome provider! IT is amazing to see how God works. :D


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