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Sunday, January 13, 2019

RUbber Duck's

No one truly knows where the first rubber duck came on the scene. Some of the most popular were made by Peter Ganine during the 1940s. Another toy creator in Hong Kong invented a yellow plastic duck in China in 1948. However, the earliest rubber ducks may have been created during the 1930s by the Sun Rubber Company.

Goodyear may have had the original idea and in fact created a rubber that could be made to create these rubber little ducks. In 1904 Goodyear was allowed a patent to create a rubber toy made of a hollow rubber and containing a "squeaker" that would make noise. In 1928 the patent was approved for a toy duck.

The rubber duck appeals to all because it has no gender, no culture, no age and anyone can get one. The rubber duck is not offensive and is built to help develop muscles with water play it aids coordination and cognitive learning. The rubber duck provides fun for all and as Ernie would say "Rubber duckie , you're the one"

On Sesame Street Ernie has a toy duck known as the Rubber Duckie. It is his most treasured possession and one that he has sung about several different times. Many story lines have also been designed around the beloved Rubber Duckie character.

Do you have a favorite rubber duck??

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  1. Cool is right on for this fun post! Rubber ducks just make me smile. I think they do that to most people. Happy New Year, Kippi #kippiathome

    1. glad you enjoyed it I am not sure who does not like rubber duckies seems you can find them in so many different styles. Thanks for leaving comment


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