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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Meal Plan Tips

So this year you are thinking of having a more organized life For some one of the most hectic times of the day is meal time. One way to tame the stress of meal time is by planning ahead. By committing to a routine the stress will be organized and the hectic chore may be tamed. However, to begin this or any change takes a bit of commitment.

A change in routine takes a bit of commitment and planning. What day of the week will you plan and shop?? What works best for you?? It all begins on this day and getting it all together and then having stick-with-itis to follow through with the plan and not cheat.

You know your schedule the best …

Planning on making meals a week ahead of time will take some work. One of the most important is to match it to your schedule. If you have hectic days then don't plan big meals on those days. Rather, take time on days that are less chore driven to prepare a family meal that is pleasing for the family. On hectic days make up those quick meals and more elaborate meals on other days. In addition keep tract of what meals your family loves and what ones they could pass on.

One last idea is to get the entire family involved. For meal planning to be a success everyone must be on the same page. So get everyone involved in both planning and prep. Crank up the music and cook dinner together. Perhaps , the best part is that having a plan means you know exactly what you will serve leaving more time to be with the family.

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  1. Good tips! I never plan for meals. Every time I think of doing that. But i yet to do. :D

    1. I hope that if you choose to these tips will help I know that meal planning can and will help improve time in ones life


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