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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Today Is National Drive Thru Day ++++ Score some Deals Every Day

Having a busy day and still have to get supper on the table?? Have you ever thought of having take out on nights like this?? While we do not do it often I must say that it has occured. The drive thrus allow you to multitask and still get supper on the table. Today, July 24th is National Drive Thru Day. Today in 1947 the first drive thru restaurant opened. It was not one of the popular drive thru's like Sonic or McDonald's. The drive thru went by the name of Red's Giant Hamburger, located on Route 66 in Springfield Missouri.

In the late 1940s the In n Out Burger opens serving the famous burger that the drive thru was named after. It was not until the early 1950s that the famous Jack In The Box opened their drive thru business. It was first opened in San Diego and is the story behind the first Drive Thru Day. It was not until the mid '70s that the red headed clown and the drive thru McDonald's opened. The first McDonald's drive thru was in Sierra Vista Arizona.

Looking for some great deals at your favorite drive thru?? Here are several that I was able to find:

  • Arby's sign up for their email and they will send you some coupons an a birthday freebie
  • Burger King also has a great way to get coupons, its on their mobile app
  • Chick-fil-A allows you to earn free food (and shakes) by using their app 
  • Dairy Queen when you register an account , geta free small blizzard when you download their app 
  • Dunkin Donuts free drinks with the DD Perks rewards program, get a birthday freebie
  • Krispy Kreme check out the free stuff they offer through their app
  • McDonald's find great deals on their app 
  • Panera Bread offers a loyalty program through their card. Use this for discounts and free treats
  • Starbucks has both rewards and discounts, free drinks using the Starbucks Reward Card and free drinks while at the restaurant as well as a birthday treat. 
  • Taco Bell offers deals through email as well as a happy hour where you can save on drinks
  • Wendy's offers deals on their app including a deal for free chicken fingers for a limited time 

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