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Monday, July 23, 2018

To all The Aunts everywhere

This is the tenth year that Auntie's Day has occurred on July 23, 2017 This day honors all aunts and was founded by Melanie Norkin. Norkin is also the founder of the brand Savvy Auntie that is designed for cool aunt, great aunts, godmothers and all who simply love kids.

Take time today to thank, honor and celebrate the aunt in your or your child's life. The day is like a "Mother's Day" for aunts. Whether you are a niece or nephew you should celebrate the fact that you were loved by those special aunt's. An aunt can be someone who has been because they are related or someone that simply becomes an aunt because she loves the child like her own. No matter how the relationship was built the day is one to be celebrated.

This post is dedicated to my own daughter for always being there for her niece and nephews whenever they may need her. She has went to the fun things, the school and club functions as well as doing the things noone likes to do like sharing bad / sad news as well as correcting them when they needed it. Krystina has yet to start her own family but I am sure when she does she will be an awesome mom that is evident in how well she helps care for the younger generation in our family.

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