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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Happy Cousins Day

Cousins are often fun to be with. They may be far away or near but they can often be your best friend. They are there to share your secrets but you will not get into trouble if you don't share all you have. Today, is the day to celebrate the special bond that cousins share. 

Cousins share an ancestor but also refers to children of our aunts and uncles in genealogy. Cousins are named through generations. For example first, second or third cousin. First cousins are children of siblings in other words they are your uncle and aunt's kids. The second generation are cousins of cousins kids and the generations go down from there. 

The term once removed refers to two individuals not from same generation that are related. This would include first cousin once removed to describe the relationship between a person and the children of his or her first cousin. Your first cousin's child will be your first cousin once removed is also used to refer to a parent's first cousin. Think about it this way, once removed is the separation of one generation between the two relatives. 

Today we celebrate the special times these three spend together. Cousins by birth, friends by choice. I have watched each of them grow and their bonds grow stronger as well. The leader?? Depends on the day, and what they are doing. They  all always seem up to a challenge. One day they may watch movies and eat popcorn, later they may be in the yard playing ball or frisbiee and later well... who knows they stay active most the day. When an outing comes out you can be sure that they will be together making sure whether through tattling helping each other or asking for help you can bet that the trip will be eventful and fun.

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