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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Play a Game of Monopoly

Monopoly has been played since 1935. While many have changed with times and not all play board games there once was a time that they were played for hours at a time. Now do not get me wrong I know that Monopoly has changed with the times and is available in many electronic versions as well. I do recall the days that I would sit with my cousins and play for hours around the Monopoly board game. You may be surprised or maybe not if you spent hours around this game as well to find out that November 19th is dedicated to the World's most popular board game Monopoly. The game has been played more than one billion people in 114 countries around the world.

What will you go after first?? The railroads, utilities or real estate?? It was always my pleasure to capture the railroads as my sister wanted to own the utilities. Perhaps you may wonder why the game was invented with so many treasures to be shared.

There are many great playing pieces as well with two of my favorites the little dog and wheelbarrow being added in the 1950s. In 2013 cat lovers got their piece as well when the iron playing piece was replaced with a cat playing piece. The playing pieces may have changed but the game is still loved by many

Elizabeth Phillips created the original thought behind the Monopoly game in 1903. It was her desire for it to be used as an educational tool. The original name of the game was "The Landlord's game" and the theme was to show that owning large land monopolies was not good and had negative impacts. There has been several varieties of the game created. Buying, selling , and developing was always the goals of the games.

Monopoly the game was developed in 1933. The first year to be sold was in 1935 marketed by Parker Brothers. In 2017 the game can be played as a board game, electronically, as a slot machine and many more ways.

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