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Sunday, November 19, 2017

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Are you in the search of a new pet?? Consider not overlooking the perfect pet just because of age. Many will visit a shelter in search of a puppy or kitten and over look the others. November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Senior Pets are the most difficult group of homeless pets to find a home for. Senior pets often spend quite a bit of time at a shelter before they find their furever home and some may live their life out in the shelters.

An adult dog or cat normally has their own personality and demonstrates it well. While a puppy or kitten are still developing their own personalities. You should be able to know whether you will work well with their personality. When a new family member comes home we always want it to work out smoothly Perhaps the satisfaction of taking home a senior pet with the knowledge of both their personality and that you may have saved their life will help.

Looking to teach a new pet tricks?? You may want to choose a senior pet that is less energetic and therefore may be easier and ready to learn. On the downside an adult pet may have medical issues that may be needing care. If you are looking to adopt a pet I simply ask that you consider all pets young and adult.

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