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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prepare your Car for Winter

The cooler weather this week has allowed me to focus on a bit of the future---- Winter. There are many chores that must be done before the season changes. One thing that I think of often is preparing the car for winter weather. Our family is often on the road between activities, work, visiting family and simple daily chores we spend a lot of time in the car. So the car must be ready for the stress of winter as well

One important thing to do is to supply the car. Find a place in your trunk to place things you may need if something was to go wrong on a cold winter day. Inside the trunk in your special place should be items such as a flashlight, road flares, a first aid kit, a few blankets, change of warm clothes, extra pair of gloves, a radio, charged cellphone so you can call for help, bag of sand, ice scraper and snacks. Each item has their own job to do and is needed.

Prepare your car for winter. Your engine coolant and antifreeze levels should be checked. Antifreeze is needed so your engine will not freeze. You can get a kit to check your own engine coolant or any service station should be able to do this for a cost as well.

Ensure your tires are ready for winter. Good tires are important for keeping you on the road and safe. Make sure tire pressure is correct for your car. If your tires need air fill them up at the gas station. Tread is also important to tires. Insert a penny into your tire's tread with top of Lincoln's head pointing into tire. If you can see his all of his head you need to replace tire. Some areas may require winter tires

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