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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Have You Had Your Child's Eyes Checked

The American Optometic Association recommends children get their first eye exams starting at 6 months of age. Prior to this age it is fairly easy to tell if your child has any eye issues. Use a nightlight or dim lamp in your bany's room so that they can see. Changing th crib's positioning frequently as well as your babies position in the crib can help to tell if they can follow or not. At birth infants can detect light and motion. As they near the second month a baby can start to make eye contact and focus. A few months old they will be able to focus on smaller objects.

The second stage would occur around 3 years of age naturally or sooner if peditrician thinks there may be an issue with the child's eyes. When you do visit the eye doctor at this young age you may want to remember to bring a few items. These items may include their favorite toy, snacks, if your child's eyes will be dialated do not forget to bring sunglasses for them. For the doctor you will want to make a list of any family history of eye probleems, any questions you may have as well as paper for you to write down needed information.

Follow those two before the first grade. At this age you can talk to your child about the eye doctor appointment. Tell them one good thing is that there are no shots. You may also want to practice for the visit by playing eye doctor. Here is a printable eye exam cheat sheet that you may want to use when visiting the eye doctor

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