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Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School Time

We have reached mid August?? Can anyone tell me exactly how that happened?? The summer has went rather fast and now it is time to get ready for school. Some have all ready started school, others will start school and others still have a bit of time before they start back to school. As in previous years you all most likely have your own back to school routine. So whether you have purchased the school supplies, ready to get those back to school hair cuts and picked out your new backpack and lunch bag?? Perhaps you are going on a shopping trip to purchase treats, lunches and after school snacks that you will need when school starts or that new pair of shoes that every one will need. Did you get your fall clothes out to see what is still needed??

Whatever step you are at remember to make this fun for your child and you. In fact with a bit of thought you can make it special for all. Here are a few ideas to make your first month of back to school fun

Plan a great back to school meal. Make it at their favorite restaurant or make it at home using all their favorites.

Put on a fashion show for some extra exciting fun. This way you can ensure all the new school clothes fit and look great and also help build excitement by hosting a fashion show the entire family can take part in.

Create a back to school time capsule. You can open the new one the following back to school day or whenever you choose.

Whatever you do to try to make the first day of school fun do just that remember to have fun.

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