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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

National Sunglasses Day

Have you ever wondered if you had the perfect sunglasses for yourself. The truth is that many times not a lot of thought is put into what pair of sunglasses is perfect. They look great, you like them, then you buy them and sport them for a summer and if lucky longer than that.

Lets take a look at a few different things that I find interesting:

Some say color matters. Do you know what the color of your sunglasses say about you:

Black sunglasses go well with more formal outfits. They also match with your black accessories. This could mean that they match your shoes, watch strap, wallet what ever black accessory you may have. Black sunglasses may not bee ideal color if you have more brown accessories. If you plan to own only one pair of sunglasses then you should seriously think about black.

Brown or Tortoise shell color sunglasses go well with casual outfits. This color will also go great with navy suit and brown accessories. Black sunglasses will go great with navy suit as well but it is not ideal.

There are lots of colors of sunglasses. They problem is that while they go great with casual outfits they are not great for formal attire. A well dressed man should not have and stand-out color in an outfit.

Next its time to figure out what shape of sunglasses is perfect for you:

There are a few easy steps that you can use to find your face shape.
Take a selfie of yourself with your hair back while looking straight ahead
Print the photo
On each of the widest / angled spots on your head
Connect the lines
What shape did the lines create

I  hope I have helped you just a bit in helping you find the perfect sunglasses for you

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