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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Log cabin Day

Log Cabins were the early homes for those who faced the hardship of the land. They were build to be strong and sturdy out of logs that were carefully notched together. In between the logs a caulking agent like mud or clay was used. Log cabins were built to stand the test of times. The roof was the part that needed to be changed occasionally.  Frontier days during the American migration west made log cabins most popular.

The log cabin society (yes there is such a thing) strives to make the Log Cabin Day popular. The Bad Ax Historical Society has been involved since the beginning as well. Yearly groups try to preserve historical log cabins so they can be maintained for the future and hold onto artifacts and memories that have helped make them important. The American colonists who supported the American Revolution known as the Whigs created log cabins to be humble and to go along with their simple life appearance.

Tall sturdy timbers could easily be used to create log cabins. The wood museum in Trondheim hosts several forms of log cabins. The northern Europe area built log cabins in a grand variety of styles. At times they were even built with flat walls to make siding or wall paper easier.


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