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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

sad memory dont smoke in bed

I will never forget walking past a house on my way home. Yes, I did walk by several houses on the way but this one was different. There was always a kind old man sitting on the porch that would wave to us on the way home. One day on the way home, it was not the same. The night before the house had burned down and the old man had passed away in the fire. The man while nice had a bad habit and that was smoking in bed. That night as he lots of night he laid in bed watching t.v. and falling asleep. He went to sleep and the cigarette fell onto the covers and started a fire. A fire that would destroy a home and take his life. I will never forget this and share this story often.

Never smoke in bed. This is a point that I hold on to strongly. One could easily get tired as that is the normal place to take a nap or sleep. While under the influence of medication or alcohol smoke in one area where the ash trays are so that you do not nod off and leave the smoke burning. Large deep ashtrays should be used to catch smoking debris. The contents in these ashtrays should cool before you dispose of them.

Another thing that absolutely drives me buggy is when individuals smoke while using oxygen. Oh my goodness to me there is no deeper worry than to watch someone do this. The Oxygen or medical oxygen source even if turned off has a chance of igniting.

Please consider your life and those around you when you smoke. Recall the warnings I have offered and if you smoke do it in a safe place.


  1. Nice post girl.. Maybe the old man was lonely in his life wit none around him to care for these little habits.

    Sometimes, we need people to point at our mistakes at home so we wouldn't do it again. And for this, I will always say, when getting older, don't stay alone.

    Feel sorry for the old man..really sad

    1. yes, me to and most likely he was lonely as a kid I did not look at things the way I do know thanks for your visit today

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