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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Growing Mums

Chrysanthemums are a growers delight. They are grown as cut flowers, potted houseplants, as well as outdoor fall crop. Both private and commercial growers love mums. As summer draws to an end many of the beautiful flowers we have enjoyed are looking worse for wear and sadly have to be removed. Fall choices of flowers include mums, pansies, ornamental kales , cabbages and peppers. 

A hardy mums have not been grown indoor these are often florist mums. They have not been conditioned to grow outdoors and are weaker than hardy mums. These are often sold as gifts or indoor pot plants and will survive summer months but not winter. Hardy mums are grown outdoors and are referred to as garden mums. They have been created for resilience and often have large profuse blooms. 

Planting mums in the spring will allow them to establish a root system. This root system will help them survive winter. Florist mums do not produce underground root system but hardy garden mums will. A sunny location with a rich, well drained soil is perfect for your mum. Shady conditions or wet soil could be fatal. A spot sheltered from the elements is perfect. 

Mums should be pinched back one or more times before mid July. This will keep the mums compact and produce an abundance of blooms. Pinching after the date thought may allow a bud to develop. Mums should stay watered and never be allowed to dry out. Do not mow mums down in the fall rather allow the dead plant to provide extra protection for the winter months. 

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