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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fire Safety Month

October is fire prevention month. It is best to take care to prevent all fires. On average seven people die every day in the US as a result of a house fire. What if a fire would occur are you ready?? The best way to be ready is to have properly working smoke alarms. Home smoke detectors have resulted in significant decrease in the number of house fire related deaths and injuries. Smoke detectors are inexpensive way to protect you and your loved ones. Remember that smoke detectors must be in the house and working properly for them to work.

Smoke alarms should be on every level of your home. Each bedroom should have a fire alarm as well. Each and every month test and dust the fire alarms. Change the batteries at least once a year, replace the entire smoke alarm unit every 8 to 10 years. The best smoke alarms are the ones that can sound fast allowing those inside more time to get out.

Test the fire alarm by pushing the testing button and having someone else stand the farthest away but in the house. If they can hear it then it works See if the smoke detector works by spraying an aerosol created to test smoke detectors can in front of the alarm. If it sounds it works if it does not then it needs replaced.You can also test by using matches.

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