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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

National Goof Off Day

Today is National Goof Off Day. Finally a day to relax and enjoy. While, it is a week day and most of us will have to be at work there are a few tips that can make your day easier even if you are at work. It may even seem like you are doing what you are not to be doing but you may be surprised how much you may get done. 

National Goof Off Day was started by the grandfather of Monica from Davison Michigan. It seems that William Chase created the Chases' Calendar in 1976. He spoke on a radio station and wanted to see what day the listeners would come up with. Since that time it has become an unofficial day but sounds like a great day to me so I am sharing it here. 

If you can get away with it then take the day off and do what you want to do. Head out for a round of golf, game of tennis or anything you want to do. Whatever you choose to do if you can get away with it then head out there and do it. But, if you can not split from work then here are some great ideas to enjoy goof off day while at work or school

It may seem like working hard is the thing to do but the truth may surprise you. Working too hard for too long may make you less productive. Going beyond what is expected may make you look impressive but after a while you may slow down and it may look as if you are accomplishing less. So go a head and work a bit less. It's ok goof off a bit today.

Do you work creatively? If so there is research that says working at home gets more done than working in the office. So simply by staying in the office you may be goofing off and not be aware of it.

For years I have taken a 15 minute power nap at lunch. My lunch period is 30 minutes so 15 minutes to eat and another 15 minutes for a power nap. The nap helps to wake me up and speed me up as well. Taking a nap at work is not something most people think about so it is a form of goofing off. Just watch your time and go ahead and take a nap. After all, some of the most successful people of all time were dedicated nappers.

Plan and go on vacation. Never though of it being able to make you work better?? Well then it may surprise you to learn that a month after a vacation you are more productive to work.

Work with friends you will stop being distracted by what they are doing. The productive you get together may just surprise you.

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