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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Shopping and Meal Planning

One of the chores I dread the most is grocery shopping. I know some may say that it is easier than other chores. To me though it is one that I dread and therefore have to be prepared to go when I have to.  After all we have to eat and they all look to mom and nana when the groceries need to be bought.

To make it a bit easier for me and where I can make the less trips I use the tool of meal planning. I shop between one to two times a week. The difference is normally the budget.
I keep an ongoing list of what I have and what I need. I keep a list of meals ready at the whim with ingredients planned and listed. This will help me not have to continue to go back to store to get needed ingredients. The less trips the better for me and my wallet.


Take some time sit down before going to shopping. If you have a busy life like my own then you may also want to grab the camera as you start planning. You will want to make a list of meals and what you will need to make those meals. The calendar comes in handy to plan the meals when all family will be there, guest will be there, you will be on the road or something quick as you wont have time to cook.

Don't forget the side dishes that go with the entrée. They help to stretch the dinner and make it more homey as well. Keep in mind that there are some that take more time than others as well as some sides that will go better with some entrees than others will.

There is more meals than the one that you enjoy as well. Whether your large meal is breakfast, lunch or dinner the others are still there as well. Keep them light or make them whole is your choice you know what your family likes and how your lifestyle goes.
Snacks and desserts are things to keep in mind as well. We work in this house and come home hungry many times. The kids are normally next to starvation (or so they think) when they get home as well. You know your choices simply include them on the shopping list so you have them ready and waiting.
What's your plan for shopping and meal planning? Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what works for you!


  1. i'm not even at the point of doing firm meals...but it's a great idea :)

  2. Wow, you are so organized. I haven't tried meal planning. Grocery shopping is my favorite chore.

  3. Ugh, I hate grocery shopping. We're in a small town, so I make one big trip once a month to stock up, then just get milk, bread, and so on in town. I'm not real organized with it, but I try to do a meal plan for the month and pretty well shop for it on my big trip.

  4. I admire people who are so awesome at meal planning. I can only do so much when it comes to that. But it does wonders, you don't only eat better but you save a lot of money on food too.

  5. I love grocery shopping... probably because I spend far too much time wandering around and looking at everything. I need to be more concise. Thanks for the tips.


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