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Monday, December 7, 2015

Tips for Stress Free Holiday

Don't allow those holiday crowds to destroy your holiday spirit. Avoid the malls, store sales and rush by shopping at home online. Just be sure that shipping charges and insurance won't end up costing you more.

Holiday Dinner:
Hosting a holiday dinner? Don't do it all by yourself. Make it a potluck party and you want everyone to bring two dishes. One their favorite and  the second dish to be assigned by you. Ask for help if needed.

As hard as it is for me to say as it is one of my favorite seasonal activities skip the baking if needed. If the time and energy are simply not there then bake at a later time when you will enjoy it more. Another idea is to host a cookie swap with some friends. Decide how many friends will be participating then have each friend make a different type of cookie. That way each friend will have a variety of cookies.

Wrapping Gifts:
Save time and money and keep your sanity by skipping the wrapping. You can do this by purchasing gift bags in assorted sizes and styles. Still festive just not as much work

Party Invites:
Been invited to several parties? It's o.k. to say no. Attend those you really want to and graciously decline those you can not.

Have other ideas to save sanity during the holidays? Please share them

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