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Monday, December 7, 2015

Did You Knot Today is National Cotton Candy Day

I must make a confession. I love cotton candy. So, when I saw that today, December 7th was National Cotton Candy day I knew I wanted to know more. While we know cotton candy day is sweet, light and melts in our mouth , what else do you know?

Did you know that it was two Tennessee candy makers that invented the world's first cotton candy machine.

.Did you know that cotton candy was originally called Fairy Floss and that at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds fair it was sold for 25 cents a box (back then was quite a price) More than 68,000 boxes were sold at the fair

Did you know since 1949 when Gold Medal Products of Cincinnati Ohio invented a better cotton candy machine they have been the top manufactures of all cotton candy machines.

Now, that we know who manufactures the machine the next automatic question is what exactly happens in that machine? WEll first of all the sugar is melted until it becomes a liquid and then the liquid sugar is spun through tiny holes in the machine that shape and cool the liquid. As the sugar cools it becomes solid again.

Did you know that Cotton Candy only has only one ingredient?? That one ingredient is sugar. There is about as much sugar in a serving of cotton candy as there is in a can of soda

Did you know that while cotton candy is normally found in colors of pink and blue cotton candy natural color is white. The blue and pink are simply food colors and any color could be used.


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