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Monday, December 7, 2015

Great Day To Write A Letter


The truth is that letter writing is what some may consider a dying art. Others say that the art is still alive and kicking. I myself, stand in the middle of the debate . With all the internet social network sites and other ways to communicate letter writing has become less needed and more of an activity that individuals want to take part in.

Thus, today, December 7th a day dedicated to letter writing. I have always loved writing letters and getting letters in the mail as well. I have wrote letters to family, friends, and even had a few penpals. Perhaps your family will be writing a Christmas letter this year.
Here are a few ideas to include in your Christmas letter:
 Share in your letter about something new or exciting in your life
Congratulate them on something new in their life
Share an old Christmas memory or perhaps a favorite recipe
ask about their favorite memory or recipe
Whatever you write a hand written letter especially from the sender is very valuable to the receiver. Have fun writing a short story, sharing a memory, catching up

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