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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Great Reasons To Exercise with Family

Not to long ago I took a stand for myself to get in better health. The truth is that I want the entire family to get in better shape. The littlest ones included. I believe that setting up a good pattern of health may be the key for when they get older. Exercise has been proven to have many benefits for children as well. Some of these include

The more children are active the stronger immune system they will have. This will lead to fewer colds, allergies and other diseases. It not only will help keep them healthy but help fight against ADHD, autism and diabetes.

Just like exercise helps reduce an adults stress it will do the same for children. Regular exercise helps to reduce the amount of stress hormone in the body. Children who suffer from autism and ADHD live in a world of stress. Exercise will help them by decreasing the build up of stress hormones.

Back to school may leave your child feeling restless and full of energy. Taking a walk or doing exercise will help them wind down just a bit before sitting down to study.

Exercise will increase the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and increase blood flow through the body. This is important as it means that the body and mind will work together and learning can be achieved quicker. It also helps with concentration and focus.

Exercise will help get a good night sleep as well. It will help to wear the body down and prepare it to sleep. Exercise also helps increase the amount of endorphins in the body. This leads to feeling better, better mood and happiness.

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