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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Paul Bunyan Day and a Delicious Bunyan Burger Recipe

Paul Bunyan Day is always on February 12th which is also his birthday. There are many states that celebrate Paul Bunyan day. Michigan, Minnesota, Oregan and California all observe Paul Bunyan day. Minnesota also has a Paul Bunyan theme park aka Paul Bunyan Land. 

Was Paul Bunyan a real person? Some say yes that he was a French-Canadian timber man named Fabian "Joe" Fournier. Fournier was to believed to be born in Quebec Canada and later moved to Saginaw, Michigan after the civil war and later hired as a foreman in the logging business. He was known as the top man in the logging area because of his size and talent with an ax 

The word "bunyan" sounds like the french-canadian slang word "bonyenne" which english translation means "Good Grief" which is often used when something extraordinary. The tale was shared by mouth and sometimes these tales get shared and changed as they spread. The first known publication of the Paul Bunyan tale was told by James MacGillivrary and later recorded and published by W. B. Laughhead in 1916. 

Paul Bunyan Burgers

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