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Monday, September 29, 2014

Star Spangled Banner

Our family is full of sport fans and yes I enjoy a great game. The beginning of every game you will hear the star spangled banner play and in the old days you may also have heard a prayer said. Now days there is no prayer as many have objected and while I think it important others do not have and in many places is illegal now. While attending the Friday night football game I began to think as I watched some not respect the flag or the song being sung, others were deeply into it many of who I know have served our country or have had family members that have. The wonderment I had as I stood with my hand over my heart as I stood and listened to the song I so loved learning back in my days of elementary school is how could this American song be one that some had high respect for and others did not. We were not at a college game or a pro game but in the small hometown where our kids all go to school. What exactly goes through everyone's mind I do not know but for me I am proud to be an American and when the Star Spangled Banner plays I will expect and respect all those around me to stand up face  the flag and pay respect. What do you think?

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