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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get ready for the holidays.

Holidays will be here before we know it and if you are anything like me you will want to start by making plans. So for the next several days I will share a post a day that will hopefully help you prepare for the holidays. We will talk about that holiday get together. What will you do and where will you do it? Does your family host a holiday party? Do you all gather together in a celebration? How do you decorate for the holidays is it simply or elegant and what is the budget?

At the end of this month you will find a holiday that some do not choose to celebrate all the same others do and even if you do not go full scale on Halloween you may set aside money for candy and some spooky and fun décor. Thanksgiving comes next for many how will you share your thankful day? What will you need to purchase for the big day? Going somewhere set in the budget the money that you will need. In the case that you don't use all the money set aside then put it towards another holiday or even save it for something bigger.

If you decide to host the party don't feel as if you are alone and are left to do it all. Perhaps you have several good cooks in the family why not host a potluck where everyone can bring one or two dishes to show of their ability. This will allow you to get a taste of some good cooking and spend less time in the kitchen.

One thing that I love to do during the holidays is to decorate. Everyone seems to have their own style. You can keep it to a minimum with a few awesome pieces of décor. You can shop the sales following the holidays to get some awesome deals on décor You can make your own décor I will share a few great ideas in the days to come.

Shopping for Christmas gifts is something that must be done. Make a list now so that you can be on the lookout for amazing prices. Making gifts is what many like to do if this is you then that is easier as well by making a list and working on them helps cut out the last minute rush. Keep on eye on annies home as I will continue to share great deals as well as great ways to make gifts from home.

Getting out and about during the holidays helps to add fun and creates many awesome memories. There are lots of things during the holidays that are free or almost free keep your eyes open and alert. Here in our area is parades, craft fairs and family activities. Take time to check out the Christmas lights, decorate the house and / or yard, we love to have hot chocolate and sit around the decorated tree.

Looking forward to sharing lots of great tips, recipes, budget helpers and holiday ideas with you all

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