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Monday, May 19, 2014

Some of My Favorite Female Singers

The supremes they were all together standing out there and doing it the best they could. With lots of heart breaks I am sure but they surely did leave a mark on all of us.

Loretta Lynn one of a kind in my book oh my loved her from the moment that I was old enough to start listening and following singers. A little country girl that went to the top of the charts. Who would of known? Only her dew. Recently had some friends to meet Loretta and they reported back that she is all that I thought she was a lovely lady with a voice of gold

That beautiful voice of Patsy Cline. One of the best voices that stood out and took attention from many. The tragic death that would end her life and career was one that will always haunt those that remembered and loved her.


Karen Carpenter oh what a voice and talent of playing drums she had. That soft soothing voice helped the Carpenters rise to the top. In the end it would be a fight that she would lose that would take Karen from all of us.

Olivia Newton John that voice that could change from love to fun to oh my letting go. While I was just a kid the movie Grease and Olivia Newton John were the popular things to talk about. The fun that was had back in those days innocent love.

Crystal Gayle younger sister of Loretta who also performed and had an awesome music career. I really like this video that helps show how her career started out.


Dolly Paton oh my did I love her and I always wanted her latest records when I was a kid and normally got them for birthdays, Christmas and special gift times Dolly faced many issues of her days but also had that sexy way of singing that made everyone (well lots) fall in love with her.

The ladies of heart helped me through my teen years with dreams. We were so aware of the world around of us and the innocence was starting to wear off. The dreams of the world we lived in, the boys we liked and so much more haunted my dreams in that little room that I shared with my sister

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