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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Go for a Ride and a Snack

May in national bike month. The time to get outside and burn a little energy and tone those muscles. I will always remember as kids never getting off our bikes for long. We would bike everywhere we went and then ride bikes with our friends when we got there. Do you recall ever using a wooden clothespin and a playing card to make your bike sound as if it was roaring or even better did your bike ever have one of the hand turning roaring machines? I certainly do, my bike was my machine. Each of my kids has had their own bike and this year my grand-daughter will get one as well.

Going on bike rides was something we did a lot of both as a kid and now. In fact hubby has requested that we get bikes this summer so we can take some leisurely bike rides. When going on these bike rides we may want to take a long a snack to help with our energy. A few great snack ideas would be

Peanut butter on graham crackers. The fat and protein found in peanut butter with carbohydrate rich graham crackers gives a punch to this snack

Beef Jerky has the fat and protein that gives energy. The salt common on beef jerky helps to keep electrolytes up.

Trail mix is often taken on many activity trips. Your favorite granola whatever it may be will be great on a bike trip. Pack it into your backpack or into a small bag that you carry in your pocket

A little treat  of gummy bears is also a perfect snack for a bike trip Gummy bears often sugar, a great taste. Also available but a bit more pricey are sport beans and energy gels that have a bit sodium and potassium.

Dried fruit also makes a nice convenient treat to take on a bike ride. Offering sugar that is needed to replenish energy, and provides important vitamins and minerals. Dried pineapple and banana chips are possibly the most common but there are others available as well.

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