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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Most Valuable Daddy and Special Shopping Code From Daddy n Company

Who is the most valuable dad in your life? Hard to choose one I think. Wow every daddy that I know is very special. My own I could not think of a better dad he was kind and gentle, taught me what I needed to know values such as hard work, treating others with respect and how to stand up for myself. While my dad was taken from me way to early I thank my lucky stars I had him.

My grandfathers were daddys in their own right my parents shared many stories of how they were stern but loving. They were stand up folks who believed in working hard and getting far.

My husband and father to our six children is one that has patience and love but also is able to teach our children valuable life lessons. I share a partner in parenting that sees values as I do and while we may disagree at times the lessons we teach our children are ones that they can take through life with them.

My son in law the daddy to my grandchildren is very special to me as well. He cares for my grandchildren (special packages of love) works hard to support them, takes them to the house of worship, plays with them and is busy teaching them important lessons as well. My own son while not the father of his girlfriends baby has taken on a role of caring for this tot. I hope and pray that like the fathers in our lives before that he will strive to be a valuable father figure to this child

Who is the most valuable daddy in your life? It may not be easy to choose as like in my case all daddys are special and deserve a special gift on Fathers Day this year. Check out all the great gifts for dads at daddy n company. While shopping for that special gift take advantage of 15% off and free shipping with each order of $25 or more and by using the code MVD.

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