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Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinypon Party

I love being a grandma. One of the favorite things to do as a grandma is have lots of fun with the little ones. I love to play as much as they do so when I was offered the opportunity to have a PinyPon party I jumped at it. First I had to find out exactly what a PinyPon was. Having never heard of it before I felt it was very important. PinyPon are mini dolls that are perfect for the little ladies of today. They are modern dolls that love fashion clothes, animals and nature. PinyPon dolls are fun to collect. Each doll is part of a collection of amazing interchangable friends. You can create your own group of dolls by interchanging everything from arm, legs, hair styles and even faces. Perfect for little girls like princess or any young lady ages 4 and up. They are not really intended for younger girls because of the small pieces and accessories that a young child could choke on. PinyPon doll collectors have the chance of using their imagination even more by collecting the PinyPon hotel, apartment, shopping mall, car and caravan. 

We were sent some great Pinypon products to make the party a great success. 

We also received two of the vans, allowing the girls to buddy up for their wild adventures. They went camping, took a road trip, and even took on the long drive to Disney World with their new Pinypon friends! 

We were also sent two precious new baby dolls. The new Nenuco New Born doll is made by the same makers as PinyPon. This cute little baby will drink from its bottle, wets in the potty and blows bubbles when you squeeze its hand. This little doll is from ages 4+ You can find this cute little baby doll at retailers such as kmart, amazon, and toys r us. or at the Nenuco website I believe Princess and I agree this is a great doll. She is such a cute little doll that does so much which means the dolls "little mommy" will have a lot of fun caring for her.

We had an awesome time as Princess and her friends were introduced to what I feel will be some of the hottest toys Christmas 2012. Each girl was sent home with a friend of their own and a few of them were sent home with a special prize as well. Entertainment was made when the girls enjoyed sharing the new dolls and creating new dolls as well.

Be sure to check all of them out!  You can find Pinypon on Facebook and twitter.  You can connect with Nenuco on Facebook and twitter as well.

Disclaimer:I would like to thank MommSelect and PinyPon for providing us with the free toys and supply's used in our PinyPon Party.

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