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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christmas Present Idea : Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls from Aurora

I have always loved rag dolls. My mom has a picture of me sitting inside of box with what else but a raggedy ann doll. There is no mistake the love for these dolls has grown for me. Inside my home, blog and even nickname (annie) there is no mistake but to see that I love my raggedy ann and andy dolls. When the offer to review the new aurora raggedy ann and andy dolls came about there was no mistake I would jump at the chance to review and share the review with you my readers here at Annies Home.

When I recieved my Raggedy Ann doll from Aurora World inc. in the mail I was delighted to see that she was the same beautiful doll that I remembered as a child. The colorful blues, red and whites that made up her smock and leggings were beautiful to my eyes. here loopity red hair was awesome as well. She was to me just adorable.

Aurora and Hasbro have worked together to bring a new generation of children a classic from the past. A new plush doll with the same vintage look and modern elements has been added to the classic beloved brand. With exquisite detail that includes fine facial features and the yarn loopy hair style. Now the doll that was loved by many generations beofre can now share with the new generation a love for a doll like none other. The doll I was sent was presented to my grand-daughter princess on her 4th birthday. I have many ann dolls at my house many that she can not touch all though she has loved them all. Now she has one of her own to care for.

The 8", 12" 16" and 25" classic Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy rag dolls are: $10, $15, $25 and $35.
The Fancy Pals style -- Raggedy Ann Butterfly or Red Ribbon -- are 7" and $17 each Aurora's Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy can be purchased at retail or online at the official Aurora shop:

Aurora is on Facebook and YouTube

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