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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halo ComfortLuxe Review

Allergies among children and adult alike are becoming more and more common. I suffer from eczema and so do my grandchildren. According to the American Academy more than half of all infants between 4 months and 15 months of age develop skin rashes and various skin conditions and 65% of all eczema patients are diagnosed in the first year of life. The National Eczema Association awards products the NEA seal of acceptance to products that help children and adults with eczema. Halo was awarded the NEA seal of acceptance for the ComfortLuxe™ Advanced Comfort™ Sleepwear

Children do not always have the ability to let others know what is wrong with them. Crying and fussing is the most defensive way to let others know that they are in distress. Babies and toddlers are sensitive about their skin and this can be very distressful to a child. Halo has designed a new fabric called ComfortLuxe which is helping to revolutionize comfort because of it being lightweight and breathable. It allows the skin to breathe by allowing fresh air to circulate to keep the skin cool, dry and comfortable.

 It allows the body to release moisture from the skin and takes in fresh air to maintain a stable body temp. Sweating often triggers eczema and the new ComfortLuxe helps to prevent sweating which leads to itch/scratch For children who do perspire or wet the bed the new material dries twice as fast as cotton by releasing moisture from the sleepwear. The outfits have been designed as well to ensure comfort by including flat seams and roll over cuffs so irritation is kept at a minimum. 

We received a super cute silly dog comfortluxe sleep set. Perfect set for lounging and sleeping. I loved the color and the cute puppy dog that was on it. The ComfortLuxe line comes in pink or blue and sizes newborn to size 4T. The fabric was soft to touch and I loved the fact that they would help my grandson with his eczema. Does your child suffer from skin problems or eczema? You will want to check this out as well.

Buy: You can find Halo products like their wonderful ComfortLuxe line at stores such as Target, JcPenny, and

Thanks to Halo for allowing us to review the Halo ComfortLuxe product which allowed us to create this review The thoughts shared here are those of mine alone and hav not been influenced

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