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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Green Babies Review

Are you aware that your favorite face cream or body care product could be dangerous for your little one? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has many products to test and therefore some may be overlooked Moms of infants and toddlers must do a bit of research of their own to find out what is out there that is the perfect product for their little one. Green Babies body care. Truly natural, with certified organic botanical, food grade preservatives, scents that come directly from nature. There are no paraben, petroleum by products, synthetic fragrances, eye irritants, or animal testing in Green Babies products The Green Babies company takes pride in providing families with products that are safe for babies and envision a world safe and nurturing and truly natural.

Our Take:
We are often on the look out for great products for little ones. From products that are organic in nature to those that smell great and one important thing is that it does not irritate little eyes. Green Babies products we found to be fitting for our household and I felt great providing the little ones with products that smelled great and were great for them. When it came to the eye test it passed with an A+ I would say that we will be using green babies products again

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